Petition for au pairs during coronavirus

Help us sign these petitions before they close in a few weeks, to help relax au pair visa and travel restrictions as a result of coronavirus. Families must go on.

There is currently high demand from families wanting to return to work with no suitable childcare options available. Similarly, lockdowns and travel restrictions have made it difficult for au pairs to obtain visas to travel and join these families.

Campaigners in Australia, New Zealand and Germany, have organised separate petitions urging the Government to reconsider current regulations to help make the visa and quarantine rules for au pairs and families simpler and easier.

Please click the links below to help support families that rely on international Au Pairs and urge the Government to allow them arrival into these respective countries, to join the families that need them.

Even if you aren’t an au pair in these countries please still show your support for au pairs internationally so that the au pair experience can continue globally. It’s time to show up for each other.

Every signature counts.

Your voice matters.

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